Commitment to Relationships

Strong Desire to contribute to our Client’s Successes

Fiscally Responsible with your budget

We believe in “squeezing the last bit of toothpaste from the tube”

Deliver the best possible design humanly possible within your budget and time frame

Projects include; Healthcare, Schools, Hi Technology, Corporate Offices, Retail Stores, Restaurant, Hospitality to name some categories of experience.

Project experience relates to all facets of construction related projects.  Code compliance studies, Building Analysis for the US Government Dept of the Navy,  NASA , State Fire Marshals, OSHPD Healthcare Agency related approvals, Environmental Impact Statements, NFP101, ADA compliance , Title 24 reports, Master Planning Hospitals for Kaiser Permanente, Full School Programing K thru 12 grades.

We strive to build long term relationships with our clients.  We our proud of the repeat business we have and work hard to make sure our clients are pleased with the final results as well as the process of getting there.  

We have a work process in place and know that it contributes to our success with clients.  Our firm is able to give the personal attention to details that many clients desire and need for a successful outcome. 

We believe in setting expectations at the project start to reduce “surprises” at project end

Dave believes communication is key to a successful project. 


What is project success?

A successful project in our minds meets several criteria:

It works. If the space isn’t functional, no matter how stunning to look at, the project has failed. It is appropriate. What do we mean? An appropriate space can be built within the timeframe and budget. It places reasonable demands for on-going maintenance to the owner. It projects the desired image